Monday, December 22, 2014

My first "interview" as an author

Oh thank goodness for! They just made me feel important as they not only approved me for my own Goodreads Author page, but also gave me 6 standard questions on there to respond to as though I was actually getting interviewed. Of course right now there's still a fanbase of 0, but I answered them dreaming in my world that some day soon that number will hit 5,264. That's a good number to start with, right?

Since it was so fun and plays into my big dream I'm trying to make happen, I thought I would share the questions and answers below. Source: Goodreads Author, Lauren Eckhardt

Lauren Eckhardt Something that stuck with me years ago is hearing a quote by Stephen King that said he writes 10 pages a day, every day, no matter what. I think that's what you have to do. I don't aim for 10 pages but I do try to do at least 1 page a day. It keeps the writing flowing. Even if it's not good, you can go back and beef it up later. Or maybe you need to switch to a different project you're working on. The key is to keep the creative juices flowing.
Lauren Eckhardt The best thing is being able to feel like all the thoughts in my head can make sense if only put in the right context. As a writer, you get to develop what that context is and make sense out of it in a way that someone else may understand.
Lauren Eckhardt Don't stop writing. Even when the negative comments come in, if you truly feel like writing is in your blood and heart, don't stop doing it. Never ever do it for someone else. Only do it for you.
Lauren Eckhardt I'm working on a different piece completely from The Remedy Files. It was another one I started 5 years ago and just never completed. It's a bit more of a fantasy world with interesting characters and a journey through magical lands geared towards middle-school readers. There's a deep message hidden throughout it and really reflects a similar journey that I went on- except the creatures in the book are a lot more entertaining!
Lauren Eckhardt Listening to certain songs or seeing something in nature is usually what gets it going for me. It's the best sort of inspiration. Or people-watching. You can usually get some good stories from that by itself.
Lauren Eckhardt I actually started writing The Remedy Files: Illusion about 5 years ago when someone told me I "feel" too much. At first I took insult to that, but then started thinking about how important emotions actually are and that I'd rather be someone who feels than someone who doesn't. And the whole idea was birthed from there.

Someday, Barbara Walters (or whoever replaces her), you will be calling me and I'll be ready with responses! See, isn't my fantasy world fun?

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