Monday, December 22, 2014

In love... with a house

I'm a dreamer. In fact, that has come to be one of Nick's pet names for me, "Dreamer." I'm glad he has caught on so early that it is indeed an integral part of who I am. At the very least it can serve as a justification for half the things I say or do. One of those, is searching for what I would deem as the near perfect home. Well, a few months ago I found one. It's what I would call (without actually ever visiting it or Seattle), my writer's haven and the perfect house. So what is my perfect house? One that has a view of the mountains, water, and lots of trees (primary factors in nature that get my creative juices pumping), is under 3,000 sq feet (I like small houses), completely open with a big kitchen yet 100% cozy and inviting. Sure, I wouldn't argue with other luxuries like an indoor swimming pool but I wouldn't consider that as a "must-have"- even in this dream of mine. So the dream home I found in Burien, WA is a bit of out my price range (by a lot) and half way across the country... but I look at it almost every single day and will be absolutely heartbroken the day it sells if the person that buys it isn't me.

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In the meantime, I'm quite thankful for the cozy setup we have here. I'm thankful for PTO allowing me to spend the morning in my PJs instead of going to work today so I can write, being inside on a cold rainy day, having a nice fire going, two adorable cats that are passed out by it and an incredible husband that's coming home to join me later today.

But I would also like to sweep him and the kitties away and go live in that Burien house as a happy family instead. For now, that's simply another dream of mine.

My first "interview" as an author

Oh thank goodness for! They just made me feel important as they not only approved me for my own Goodreads Author page, but also gave me 6 standard questions on there to respond to as though I was actually getting interviewed. Of course right now there's still a fanbase of 0, but I answered them dreaming in my world that some day soon that number will hit 5,264. That's a good number to start with, right?

Since it was so fun and plays into my big dream I'm trying to make happen, I thought I would share the questions and answers below. Source: Goodreads Author, Lauren Eckhardt

Lauren Eckhardt Something that stuck with me years ago is hearing a quote by Stephen King that said he writes 10 pages a day, every day, no matter what. I think that's what you have to do. I don't aim for 10 pages but I do try to do at least 1 page a day. It keeps the writing flowing. Even if it's not good, you can go back and beef it up later. Or maybe you need to switch to a different project you're working on. The key is to keep the creative juices flowing.
Lauren Eckhardt The best thing is being able to feel like all the thoughts in my head can make sense if only put in the right context. As a writer, you get to develop what that context is and make sense out of it in a way that someone else may understand.
Lauren Eckhardt Don't stop writing. Even when the negative comments come in, if you truly feel like writing is in your blood and heart, don't stop doing it. Never ever do it for someone else. Only do it for you.
Lauren Eckhardt I'm working on a different piece completely from The Remedy Files. It was another one I started 5 years ago and just never completed. It's a bit more of a fantasy world with interesting characters and a journey through magical lands geared towards middle-school readers. There's a deep message hidden throughout it and really reflects a similar journey that I went on- except the creatures in the book are a lot more entertaining!
Lauren Eckhardt Listening to certain songs or seeing something in nature is usually what gets it going for me. It's the best sort of inspiration. Or people-watching. You can usually get some good stories from that by itself.
Lauren Eckhardt I actually started writing The Remedy Files: Illusion about 5 years ago when someone told me I "feel" too much. At first I took insult to that, but then started thinking about how important emotions actually are and that I'd rather be someone who feels than someone who doesn't. And the whole idea was birthed from there.

Someday, Barbara Walters (or whoever replaces her), you will be calling me and I'll be ready with responses! See, isn't my fantasy world fun?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dreaming of Leading Men

  So of course the post earlier about Bill Pullman being selected as a leading man in the 90s made me start thinking about who would play either one of my two leading men in "The Remedy Files: Illusion" if it was made into a movie.

It's easy for my mind to go straight into some of the recent developments: Liam Hemsworth for one. I mean it is a truly crazy coincidence that he would be the perfect Liam- his looks, his reserved personality but killer sex draw. If the Hunger Games didn't steal him already, it would be as though the stars were in perfect alignment. Or Theo James who could easily be the perfect Gavin. Maybe it's because I see Theo as being the perfect male specimen in general. In fact, if I was still a teenager and could get away with it, I would definitely be plastering posters of him all over my room. However, I don't think my husband would be too keen on those decorations...  Unfortunately both Liam and Theo have been taken on other projects so they are out of the running. Who is left?

   The easiest one to start with is Gavin since he has the distinct dimple in his chin. So, I figured I would get creative through a google search, "actors with dimples in chin". Seriously quite interesting to see a collection of every actor/actress with that facial feature. Makes me wonder if I was famous, how I would be classified. "writers with moles on face," "famous people with overbites," "authors with right leg longer than left".  Ok, I digress (note: I will be doing these searches later too).

   Right away came actors who are much too old now to play the part but Aaron Eckhart would have been one of my first choices if I wrote this book 20 years ago. And then as I continued on my search and was drawn to those that I thought would be perfect fits, I definitely noticed how old I am because I'm attracted mostly to the men that are 40+... unfortunately that doesn't work with The Remedy Files.

 So, after spending way too much time looking at pictures of extremely attractive actors, I discovered I definitely have a particular type. And here are my final picks:
***Drumroll Please!!***
Ben Barnes

Tyler Hoechlin

Either Gavin or Liam:
Colin O'Donoghue

Who would you pick to play Liam or Gavin? Which man is your favorite?

Bill Pullman, I love you but only as "that" guy

  The most surprising thought of the weekend hit me. Bill Pullman used to be some sort of... (should I go as far as to say it??)... sex symbol. Seriously, he had to have been because he rocked the movie scene like crazy in the 90s. While the TV was playing in the background, I noticed two movies in a row had him as one of the leading men, "While You Were Sleeping" and "Independence Day". Was there just a shortage of attractive, appealing men in the 90s?? As I started thinking about this, I realized that he's just one of those actors that instantly irritates me when he pops on the screen. Bill Pullman seems nice, don't get me wrong... but I can't say I've ever been bowled over by his acting skills or ever once looked at him and thought "Wow... now, that's the man I fantasize about being with." And it's not the fact that he's quite a bit older than me. Tom Hanks is too but yet I "get" it with him. He's not the typical I'm going to drool while watching him and hope he pops into my dreams tonight kind of man either, but he has this sort of even-balanced full-package appeal that I don't argue. It makes me root for him to end up with the girl in the end no matter what the situation.

  Which, now that I'm piecing these thoughts together, is probably why it was so easy to root for Tom Hanks and not Bill Pullman in "Sleepless in Seattle". In fact, Bill Pullman's character Walter in that movie is exactly what I tend to think of Bill Pullman as... stuffy, OCDish, lots of annoying little problems and tendencies but overall a nice guy. Hmm... okay, I'm seeing a definite link here. Maybe I've seen "Sleepless in Seattle" a bit too many times and have a built-in bias.

 Interesting the influence that can be had on me without even realizing it... good job Sleepless in Seattle and TNT/TBS/any other station that play it over and over again. It's a version of hypnotism, I swear. Still, though... I can't be the only one that thinks this about him, right?

Bill Pullman, I do love you but only when you play the guy I expect you to play... not a sex symbol, not the one that wins Sandra Bullock's heart or is a powerful, demanding man leading the entire U.S... Only as "Walter." You, are a great Walter, and you should take pride in that.

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