Monday, December 22, 2014

In love... with a house

I'm a dreamer. In fact, that has come to be one of Nick's pet names for me, "Dreamer." I'm glad he has caught on so early that it is indeed an integral part of who I am. At the very least it can serve as a justification for half the things I say or do. One of those, is searching for what I would deem as the near perfect home. Well, a few months ago I found one. It's what I would call (without actually ever visiting it or Seattle), my writer's haven and the perfect house. So what is my perfect house? One that has a view of the mountains, water, and lots of trees (primary factors in nature that get my creative juices pumping), is under 3,000 sq feet (I like small houses), completely open with a big kitchen yet 100% cozy and inviting. Sure, I wouldn't argue with other luxuries like an indoor swimming pool but I wouldn't consider that as a "must-have"- even in this dream of mine. So the dream home I found in Burien, WA is a bit of out my price range (by a lot) and half way across the country... but I look at it almost every single day and will be absolutely heartbroken the day it sells if the person that buys it isn't me.

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In the meantime, I'm quite thankful for the cozy setup we have here. I'm thankful for PTO allowing me to spend the morning in my PJs instead of going to work today so I can write, being inside on a cold rainy day, having a nice fire going, two adorable cats that are passed out by it and an incredible husband that's coming home to join me later today.

But I would also like to sweep him and the kitties away and go live in that Burien house as a happy family instead. For now, that's simply another dream of mine.

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