Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dreaming of Leading Men

  So of course the post earlier about Bill Pullman being selected as a leading man in the 90s made me start thinking about who would play either one of my two leading men in "The Remedy Files: Illusion" if it was made into a movie.

It's easy for my mind to go straight into some of the recent developments: Liam Hemsworth for one. I mean it is a truly crazy coincidence that he would be the perfect Liam- his looks, his reserved personality but killer sex draw. If the Hunger Games didn't steal him already, it would be as though the stars were in perfect alignment. Or Theo James who could easily be the perfect Gavin. Maybe it's because I see Theo as being the perfect male specimen in general. In fact, if I was still a teenager and could get away with it, I would definitely be plastering posters of him all over my room. However, I don't think my husband would be too keen on those decorations...  Unfortunately both Liam and Theo have been taken on other projects so they are out of the running. Who is left?

   The easiest one to start with is Gavin since he has the distinct dimple in his chin. So, I figured I would get creative through a google search, "actors with dimples in chin". Seriously quite interesting to see a collection of every actor/actress with that facial feature. Makes me wonder if I was famous, how I would be classified. "writers with moles on face," "famous people with overbites," "authors with right leg longer than left".  Ok, I digress (note: I will be doing these searches later too).

   Right away came actors who are much too old now to play the part but Aaron Eckhart would have been one of my first choices if I wrote this book 20 years ago. And then as I continued on my search and was drawn to those that I thought would be perfect fits, I definitely noticed how old I am because I'm attracted mostly to the men that are 40+... unfortunately that doesn't work with The Remedy Files.

 So, after spending way too much time looking at pictures of extremely attractive actors, I discovered I definitely have a particular type. And here are my final picks:
***Drumroll Please!!***
Ben Barnes

Tyler Hoechlin

Either Gavin or Liam:
Colin O'Donoghue

Who would you pick to play Liam or Gavin? Which man is your favorite?

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