Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I'm finally getting a handle on all this self-publishing jazz. It's taken a while, and I'm still trying to teach myself the marketing aspect... but I keep learning more and more as each week goes by which is super exciting. One of those big revelations this past week was how weak the covers on my book look. So, I went through, invested a little money, and revamped them. I'm absolutely pumped with the results!

Enlightened: Evaline's Journey doesn't look too much different but it represents the lands Evaline travels through much better.

The biggest revamp was for The Remedy Files: Illusion. The cover as a whole (back and front) represents Evangeline's confusion about her reality, dreams, & perception. I'm in love with it.

In fact, I loved it so much, I went ahead and worked on the cover for the sequel, The Remedy Files: Rebirth (to be released April 2015 unless a super wise publisher picks me up in the meantime, then they may have a different idea for the release date... and the cover, for that matter-- hey, I have to keep dreaming. Things definitely don't come true unless you dream big.). Obviously the back of the cover will have details about the book and the author (and it'll be in English) but I didn't want to give too much away yet! This cover represents a new beginning like she's coming out of the water renewed, as well as the "split" Evangeline will be battling in the sequel... some major events are going to go down. I can't wait! :)

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