Monday, December 21, 2009

Inspirational Spurts

I have these random bursts of motivation… like when I watched “Julie & Julia” and thought, “I’m going to become a world famous cook where people have to say ‘yum’ every time they try a bite of my food.” But then I remember the scene where she makes some comment that in a world that is unpredictable she enjoys being able to come home and find comfort in cooking because it is always a guarantee that specific amounts of xyz and will make whatever the goal is. Yeah, that doesn’t quite work for me. I have this tendency where I can do something great one time, but then I can never get back to that “one great time” no matter how many times I practice or try and try and try. Funny thing is that alcohol actually seems to enhance (and not impair like the average joe) my abilities to do any activity that requires coordination or consistency of any sort. I’m told it’s because while sober I think too hard about doing things which is probably fairly accurate. Unfortunately I’m on the extreme side of being analytical where everything I say and do is considered way more than what it should. Like as I type these words I think the specific placement of them is creative and perfect due to all these little bits and pieces that I’m probably the only person in the world that gets it. But I always think that there’s some other mind out there that will understand too and find entertainment. Anyway.. I’d have to be an alcoholic in order to succeed as a cook. And considering I don’t like to drink much, I think it’s probably the wrong career path.

I did however make some brownies that didn’t quite elicit a “yum” being shouted from the breakroom but once I tracked people down and made them tell me their honest opinion about the brownies, they did say they were quite tasty. So I’ll take that. They are called “No Pudge Brownies” (I also discovered today that I’m the only one that thinks that name is hilarious). They are fat free and made with yogurt which is quite interesting. I think they are delicious and I was excited for people at work to try them during our potluck today. I highly recommend them and I’ll do my typical Amazon (did I mention that I love them?) plug by putting in this link: No Pudge Brownies available on Amazon

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