Monday, December 21, 2009

History repeated

I’m starting a blog and this is my first entry. Obviously. I’ve been wanting to start one for a while as I used to dabble in it before they became the “thing”. (Did anyone consider the name “Blogger” as 2000’s decade name? Just wondering since they haven’t been able to find anything else suitable.) But now with my MBA officially out of the way, I can actually spend some time jotting down my useless thoughts that I find to be entertaining although I’m fairly sure I’ll be the only one that thinks so.

If anyone is reading this now, I want to set a disclaimer that warns how much of your life you will not get back from reading this. First of all, I like to ramble (I’ve given up even attempting to be concise) and secondly, most of my days are spent mentally documenting the bathroom habits of offices surrounding mine since my desk faces the bathrooms. Like the throat clearer that never goes into the bathroom without a huge stack of papers and then comes out 30 minutes later. Or the man that goes to the bathroom every 15 minutes on the dot (I have yet to figure out if it is a medical condition or something else unmentionable). Not to mention those from my own office that will remain unnamed (like the man with that quick tinkling that is in and out of the bathroom in 30 seconds- gross- and the female that definitely does not wash her hands). I would not recommend that anybody spend 40 hours a week monitoring the bathroom habits of other people. It will make you become instantly obsessive compulsive. I have to battle that urge frequently as I go through bottle after bottle of the pump Germ-X. Basically, I’m stuck with way too many thoughts for 40 hours a week (hence the blogging).

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hooray!! I'm excited for another blog to follow : )

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that you started a blog! I've been thinking about starting one too, but I'm still working up the nerve. I loved this line: "First of all, I like to ramble (I’ve given up even attempting to be concise)..." I am totally with you on that one and like you, I have decided to embrace my wordiness. If that's a word. lol

Lauren said...

lol You should totally start one!! Mine is obviously beyond pointless but that's what's fun-- if I get a silly thought in my head I can just share it to the world and let them decide whether or not they want to read it and then I feel better that I got the thought (no matter how pointless) out of my head! :) PLEASE start one!

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